• Hirt Bros. camp and crew near Post Lake

    Loggers at a bunkhouse

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  • Tent bunkhouse

    Smith, Dwight

    The interior of a tent bunkhouse. Since logging was normally a winter “sport”, the tents which suggest a warmer season are puzzlement. Clearly Sealy posturepedic mattresses were still in the future.

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  • George Bailey's camp

    Smith, Dwight

    The logging industry was a winter business in 1916-17 when this picture was taken. It took a sturdy breed of men to perform the necessary tasks in the freezing temperatures of northern Wisconsin. The…

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  • Lumbermen on the Chippewa

    Malcolm Rosholt

    A history of logging in the Chippewa River Valley. Chapters include: The River; The Camp; The Woods; The Drive; End Marks and Bark Marks; Sawmill Operations; Mill Sites Remembered; A Sawdust War; "Tan…

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