• Linden War Gardens

    Linden High School (Linden, Wis.)

    Gardening for self-sufficiency and for patriotism was a cause promoted through War Garden projects during World War I. Conceived as a way to increase the supply of food without the use of land already…

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  • Linden main street, Linden, WI

    Linden was originally called “Peddler’s Creek” after Patrick O’Meara, an Irish peddler who made the first discovery of lead in the immediate area in 1827. The name was changed in 1855 when the federal…

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  • Mr Dinsdale’s House Linden,1896

    Wright, J. C

    Rev. Matthew Dinsdale was born at Yorkshire, England in 1815, came to Wisconsin in 1844 and was a circuit rider for the Methodist Episcopal church, first in the lead mining district of Southwestern WI…

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