• Kanchanaburi Changwat (Thailand), main street in a village

    Pendleton, Robert Larimore, 1890-1957

    Nong Mai Kan; Huey Chak Plu, Changwat Ganburi. Feb. 16, 1937. Huey Chak Plu. Main & Only Street. 8 1/25 -. Image dated 1937-02-16 Grayscale Pendleton nitrate negative, Box 201 of 384

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  • Leopard hanging from light pole

    A leopard killed near Magnolia, Rock County, Wisconsin, is hanging from a light pole with a crowd of men and boys. The leopard was killed in 1901 after it escaped from George "Popcorn" Washington Hall…

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  • Sayabouri

    This is the main street in Sayaboury. Lacking sidewalks, people typically walk on the roads. Notice that a young Lao girl in the foreground on the right is carrying a baby on her back (probably a youn…

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  • Sawing logs on a steam powered portable sawmill, Richland County, Wisconsin, 1934.

    Front Picture Description: Small black and white snapshot of 4 unidentified men, 1 unidentified woman and 2 unidentified children in and among some logs that are being cut on a portable sawmill. Back…

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