• Loading logs with a crane

    Kingsbury, Arthur, J., 1876-1956

    Crane loading logs and steam engine

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  • Lumbermen on the Chippewa

    Malcolm Rosholt

    A history of logging in the Chippewa River Valley. Chapters include: The River; The Camp; The Woods; The Drive; End Marks and Bark Marks; Sawmill Operations; Mill Sites Remembered; A Sawdust War; "Tan…

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  • Jammer loading logs

    Bean, E.F

    Photograph of a jammer being loaded with logs. A carload can be loaded in 10 - 15 minutes.

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  • United States, loading logs onto train on CCI Company land in Alger county

    Platt, Robert S. (Robert Swanton), 1891-1964

    Due to a malfunction inside Platt's camera, the majority of his first 8,000 images, dating from 1919 to 1933, have blurred areas where the unexposed film was not laying flat inside the camera. His 35m…

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