• March protesting the Eagles Club's all-white policy, James Groppi center, 1966

    Groppi, James, 1930-1985

    James Groppi and demonstrators march in front of Judge Robert Cannon's home in Wauwatosa to protest the Eagles Club's all-white policy. HWC (x3) 37601 Grayscale

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  • Vel Phillips Papers, Correspondence-Opposition Mail, March 1967

    Phillips, Vel, 1924, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; Milwaukee Journal; Freedom Schools; City of Milwaukee's Government; Congress of Racial Equality; Milwaukee Conference o…

    A group of letters and clippings sent to mail that oppose her Fair Housing Ordinance. The majority of these items fall under the categories of Hate Mail, Anonymous Letters and racism, what Vel Phillip…

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